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Project Description

Dance from the Heart uses multi-cultural dance education and performance to reveal the common ground in our communities. DFTH began in 2005 with a benefit for the relief of victims of the Southeast Asia tsunami, through Oxfam America. In 2007, nonprofit status was established and the organization continued to provide assistance by donating proceeds to Lighthouse Houston and the Alzheimer’s Association. In 2011, the production proceeds were donated to Amazing Place, to provide care scholarships for families in need. 2012 brought significant change. In October, DFTH expanded its business by acquiring studio space in the Houston Woodland Heights area, allowing for broader educational mission, while upholding a philanthropic vision.

Dance From The Heart provides contributing dancers the opportunity to receive continuing education through Artist In Residence Programs, ongoing classes and workshops designed to deliver focused, intense instruction over a short period of time. Through the DFTH Studio, adults within the community are encouraged to try dance, even if they have never tried it before. DFTH firmly believes that everyone can dance and encourages community relations, public outreach and awareness by donating time and talent to local events.