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Project Description

Our mission is to increase dance appreciation in Houston. We do so by raising awareness for dance in and around Houston and making dance more accessible to Houston patrons. We facilitate collaboration amongst companies and choreographers and provide educational and performance opportunities to dancers of many styles.

Dance Houston believes dance is an expression of art, culture, creativity, and community. We strive to present dance performances that actively engage and inspire people. We respect and appreciate the many diverse cultures and aesthetics that thrive in Houston, and our work reflects our community through innovative, multi-cultural programming.

Dance Houston aims to present an ongoing season of high quality, popular festivals featuring Houston’s favorite dancers and companies.  We will engage our audience in meaningful ways with thought-provoking programs and a multitude of ways to become a part of the art of dance.  We will educate audiences as to how to appreciate diverse dance styles and train young dancers for a new era in the field of dance—one that values tradition and innovation, individualism, and technical versatility.

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