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Project Description

Farrell Dyde Dance Theatre is best known for its pioneering efforts in Houston, Texas during the late 1970’s and 80’s at a time when dance all over the country was experiencing unprecedented growth and the Houston economy was booming.  At that time, Farrell Dyde was among Texas’s best-known choreographers and the company was notable for its adventurous, often experimental programming of both proscenium and site-specific works as well as presenting significant contemporary minded guest artists. Dyde spent those years developing his own voice and style achieving a number of breakthroughs in his efforts to synthesize a narrative storyline with his evolving, abstract, hypnotic dance vocabulary. Successful performances in New York and works created for Houston Ballet and others gave Farrell Dyde exposure beyond the state of Texas and his career and the company appeared headed for national recognition of significance.

To learn more about Farrell Dyde Dance Theatre visit www.farrelldyde.org.