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Project Description

Frame Dances exists to help people in Houston and beyond discover the power of dance and movement to communicate, inspire, and connect to the world and others.  We believe community collaboration, artistic collaboration and technology are the secret ingredients of our craft today, and are completely necessary to expose contemporary dance to more people in our society.

Founded in May 2010, Frame Dance is a young contemporary dance group that is turning Houston’s art scene on its side.  It has presented 28 original performances and made 9 dance films in just four years. Frame Dance presents both live dance performances and dance films that all take place in nontraditional locations like downtown buildings, ferries and museums. Every project is a collaboration between Frame’s professional dancers and other artists – visual, literary, music and performing, as well as the public. Frame connects dance and technology through its films and elements in its live performances.  Frame’s Annual Music Composition Competition brings new, original music to every work. Through its Framing Bodies films (LOVE ME and SHAMED), Frame offers meaningful audience participation in its works and helps to build new audiences for contemporary dance.Photo by Sil Azevedo

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