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Project Description

jhon r. stronks is a queer identifying male-bodied dancer/ singer / choreographer, engaged in a practice that generates a genderqueer expression informed by an internal transgender dialogue. Through this practice stronks examines their internal feminine nature and acknowledges how in response to subtle and not so subtle societal requests they have framed and contained the femininity that is their birthright.

As a choreographer stronks has been accused of presenting audiences with seemingly unruly work that reveals itself according to its own logic. Seeing their work as collage stronks choreographic expressions combine the fundamental elements of composition, with a confluence of movement styles and techniques drawn from their personal movement foundation in Modern, Post-Modern, Jazz, Ballet and Africanist dance training. From this place, stronks dives into the deep end playing with alternative structures for dance making that are more intuitive and often unpredictable. The result is the creation of a broad field for the dancing, where the context is clear; the eye has choices, and the viewer gets to decide.

jhon’s dance training began with Sue Sampson- Dalena at the Dance Studio of Fresno, studying Jazz, he continued his dance training and education at California State University, Long Beach, where he studied Modern dance techniques, improvisation and composition. As a performer jhon has worked with Winifred R. Harris’ Between Lines (Los Angeles), Keith Johnson and Dancers (Los Angeles), Duende Dance Theater (Atlanta), Coriolis Dance Project (Atlanta), Sandra Organ Dance Company (Houston), Travesty Dance Group (Houston), Leslie Scates (Houston), Pink Aware (Houston) and Spent Five Seasons as a Member of Core Performance Company (Atlanta).

jhon served as a resident guest Artist (2001 -2006) for Spelman Dance Theater at Spelman College in Atlanta Ga., Artsitic Director for Africa to A –Train a music and dance collaboration between Neighborhood Music Scools of Georgia State and Moving in The Spirit in Atlanta, GA., and Director of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Centers pre- professional dance program and youth company. jhon is the Artistic Director of “there…in the sunlight” a project heading that functions as a vehicle for independent choreographic projects. Choreographic awards and achievements include Houston Press’s 2014 Houston Master Mind, Houston Press Best of 2013 in the Contemporary/Modern Dance Categories, two 2008 Buff Orpington Awards for Houston Contemporary Dance Achievement, Best Choreographic Work Under 15 Minutes and Best Choreographic Work 15 to 40 Minutes.

Contact: thereinthesunlight@gmail.com

Facebook: jhon r. stronks

Instagram: @jhonnielove

Website: thereinthesunlight.com