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Leslie Scates is a dance maker, educator and performer native to Houston, Texas.  She is a member of Lower Left Performance Collective and regularly works with Psophonia Dance Company, CORE Performance Company and Recked Productions.  Leslie makes signature and collaborative dances based on the methods and practices of Ensemble Thinking and ReWire/Dancing States ( origin: Lower Left ) and Contact Improvisation.  In addition to these foundational systems of performance inquiry and dance technique, and the people that created them,  Leslie’s body of knowledge and making practice is formed from brief and intensive exposure(s) to artists Deborah Hay, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Steve Paxton, Barbara Dilley, Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Pat Graney, Dominic Walsh, Spencer Gavin-Hering, Paola Georgudis, Allison Orr, Allard Van Hoorn, Amii Legendre, Shelley Hirsch, David Dove, Damon Smith, Andy Russ, Sara Shelton Mann, Jill Sigman, Rosie Trump, Chris Aiken, Sarah Gamblin, Sandra Mathern, Rebecca Bryant, Jordan Fuchs, Karen Stokes, Teresa Chapman, Becky Valls, Jane Weiner, Amy Ell, Susan Blair, Sandy Marcello, Roxanne Claire, Jennifer Wood, Sara Draper, Sarah Irwin, John Box, and most lovingly and fearlessly with Jhon Stronks. She continues to study dance making, the body and live performance by way of instigating new collaborations and by seeking out teachers, education, places and activities that feed her curiosity, hyperactivity and thirst for adventure and connection with other movers.  Leslie surfs and plans to never ever ever stop dancing, making dances and teaching others to do the same.  She is also a name dropper.  Yes. Yes. Yes.

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