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Project Description

Lori N Guerin is a Houston-based dancer, choreographer, teacher, and dance enthusiast currently entering her third year as a dance major at Sam Houston State University. She enjoys bringing personal and heart-touching stories to the stage. While she loves to be on the stage performing, Lori has found resources for learning new skills while at SHSU and currently studies choreography under Joshua Manculich, Dionne Noble, and Victoria DeRenzo, partnering from Jared Doster. This past summer, Lori spent her time studying dance lighting design as assistant to David J Deveau. Lori has been working as an Administrative Assistant for NobleMotion Dance since January 2018. Lori has performed in works by Andy Noble, Dionne Sparkman Noble, Jennifer Pontius, Dana Nicolay, Zach Tang, Allie Kronick, and Jeremy Arnold and in festivals such as Dallas Dance Fest and Barnstorm Dance Fest.