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Project Description

Lori Yuill is an independent choreographer, performer and teaching artist.  She did her undergraduate work at TCU and then skipped town to perform with Momentum Danza Contemporanea in Guatemala.  In 2000 Lori returned to Houston and performed with Suchu Dance.  She also madeFloating/Falling for DiverseWorks’ Houston Performing Artist Residency during this period of time.  In 2003 Lori moved to Yonkers, NY to pursue a masters degree at Sarah Lawrence College.  She spent the next decade bouncing between New York and DC performing for Sara Rudner, Anneke Hansen, Milka Djordjevich, Enrico Wey, Stephanie Miracle, UpRooted Dance and Daniel Burkholder/The Playground. Lori’s choreography challenges audiences to look at dance in new ways, and aims to create and connect to community through movement.  She has recently returned to Houston where she is embracing the big skies and studying movement with the best teacher she knows, her daughter Lola Brooke Buck.

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