April 13 Frenzied Phony Auditions

//April 13 Frenzied Phony Auditions

April 13 Frenzied Phony Auditions

Set in the 1940’s, Ann Andrews is a member of the esteemed Vernon and Vernon Theater Company. She lives a fabulous life, traveling her talent all over the country. But upon learning that her handsome, debonair partner is paid far more than her measly amount, she hatches the plan to audition as a man. She returns as Aaron Andrews but is turned down. But Ann will not give up. She will keep coming back until she gets her part. Through wild and wacky events, she ends up performing as three different people in one show. Add to that the hilarity of multiple love triangles, and the hustle and bustle, glitz and glamour of a 1940’s Broadway-style show, you’ll be coming back for more!

Study up on your Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Jane Powell, Danny Kaye and Frank Sinatra, and come audition!

More information and registration here.

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