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Houston Dance Relief Fund

Dance Source Houston is accepting applications to the Houston Dance Relief Fund to support dance workers experiencing economic instability due to cancellations and closures caused by COVID-19. The fund will award $250 stipends to eligible applicants a first come, first serve basis to support individuals with short term, immediate financial assistance. [...]

COVID-19 Resources

Below are resources to help individuals and organizations navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Additional resources will be added as they are available. Send any relevant information to be added below to Survey Dance Source Houston is part of a collective of arts service organizations that have agreed to promote [...]

April 28 Bridging the Gap Between Development and Finance

They just don’t understand what we do! This a common lament within nonprofit organizations when fundraisers and financial staff find themselves at odds.  This interactive session is designed to break down and overcome the most common barriers to collaborative relationships between development and finance staff. This presentation will: Review common [...]

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March 24 Nonprofit Financial Management 101

This session is designed to provide a crash course in nonprofit financial management and budgeting for financial leaders new to nonprofit accounting, new executive directors, board members, and nonprofit professionals looking for a refresher in key accounting concepts. This presentation will: Review basic nonprofit financial terminology and concepts Review nonprofit [...]

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Groundwork Grant

Groundwork Grant - Call for Applications Goals Through support from Houston Endowment, Dance Source Houston is piloting the Groundwork Grant program to address the need for increased funding to support local dance makers. Dance Source Houston accepted applications from November 22, 2019 through Friday, January 24, 2020. Nonprofit dance companies [...]

Dancer Fund

Through the Dancer Fund, Dance Source Houston provides direct support to freelance dance artists who have received payment from choreographers and/or organizations for their project-based, performance related work. The fund will match up to $500 per individual in payment(s) for performance project artist fees. Dancers may apply more than once [...]

2019-20 NET/TEN Grant Cycle

The NET Travel & Exchange Network (NET/TEN) prioritizes relationship building and knowledge sharing. The grants are intended to create new opportunities for reciprocal exchanges with peers and colleagues to share information, techniques, inspiration, expertise, and performances among ensembles to strengthen the work of individual ensembles and the field as a whole. NET/TEN [...]

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Career Transitions For Dancers Scholarship Program

Founded in 1985, Career Transition For Dancers enables dancers to define their career possibilities and develop the skills necessary to excel in a variety of disciplines outside of dance. Core program services include: Career Counseling and Guidance Program Scholarship and Grant Program Dancers are also eligible to receive individual and [...]

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