October 27 Zanety Technique – Afro-Cuban Modern Dance

Afro-Latin dance technique taught by Alexis Zanety, must have prior dance training. Alexis Zanety - former principal of Cuba's Compañia Nacional de Danza Contemporanea, conducts a high energy and exciting workshop in Afro-Cuban Modern Dance. This free master class is for intermediate/advanced dancers. 2:00-3:30pm Free Claire School of Dance, 1245 [...]

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F. A. Q. Production Grant

Frequently Asked Questions   What can I receive a Production Grant for? Production personnel: stage manager, lighting designer, costume designer, set designer, sound operator etc. Documentation of work Marketing: graphic design, advertising, postcard printing Rental or purchase of production equipment Costuming Set design Sound design Multimedia design Artist fees (non-dance [...]

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NobleMotion Dance

In 2009, NobleMotion exploded onto the Houston dance scene and has since received critical acclaim for their “extraordinary athleticism” and “cutting edge” programming. NobleMotion Dance seeks to make work that is emotionally daring and honest; inspires discourse and understanding amongst diverse communities; and integrates dance, theatre and technology in unique [...]

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