City Dance


Established In 1994 by Creative Director and Founder Sherese Campbell, Houston City Dance Studio is a non-profit dance school and performing arts organization that seeks to reflect the ethnic diversity of the Houston Metropolitan area. Since then, Ms. Campbell has been the driving force in teaching the school's over 200 dance students, [...]

Core Dance


Core Dance, an award-winning contemporary dance company with global reach, creates, performs, and produces compelling original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively encourages participation and conversation with the community. For nearly four decades, Core Dance has supported innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking and sustainable art-making in dance.  Core Dance was co-founded [...]

Dance Afrikana / Lindsay Gary


Founded in 2016 by dancer, choreographer, and dance educator Lindsay Gary, Dance Afrikana, LLC is a professional dance company that exists to connect and celebrate Africa and the African Diaspora through dance. The company specializes in various forms of dance including traditional and contemporary Caribbean, African, and Afro-Latin styles, as well as [...]

Dance of Asian America


Dance of Asian America (DAA) was established in 2001 to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of China. DAA’s programming is organized around four initiatives. (1)PUBLIC PERFORMANCES of "East Meets West", "Splendid CHINA", "Journey through China" and "Destination China" showcase dances from various 56 ethnic groups of China. Each year, DAA [...]

Dance Houston


Our mission is to increase dance appreciation in Houston. We do so by raising awareness for dance in and around Houston and making dance more accessible to Houston patrons. We facilitate collaboration amongst companies and choreographers and provide educational and performance opportunities to dancers of many styles. Dance Houston believes dance is [...]

Dance Salad Festival / Houston International Dance Coalition


Dance Salad Festival is a project of the Houston International Dance Coalition (a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization), and is committed to a multi-cultural presentation of diverse dance disciplines at the highest professional level. Dance Salad Festival provides a venue for local, national and international choreographers, across dance disciplines, to present their work to [...]