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Project Description

Silambam Houston is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and demystifying Indian Classical Dance. Founded by Dr. Lavanya Rajagopalan in 2002, it began as a non-profit Indian dance academy, specializing in the dance form Bharatanatyam. The company’s dedication to providing comprehensive arts education and exceptional arts programming for its students has only grown over the years, as has its vision for the future. Today, Silambam Houston not only aims to foster local talent and connect younger generations to the long history of the Indian classical arts, but also to connect across cultural boundaries through the shared celebratory experience of dance, music, and performance.

In order to provide an avenue for young Silambam-trained dancers to explore a career in performing arts, a pre-professional dance company was formally established in 2014, with 10 senior students of Silambam. The Silambam Houston Dance Company (SHDC) has presented several original performances since its maiden production “Krishna…?” in April 2015 and has grown to over 20 members. Silambam has also had the pleasure of hosting many renowned international Bharatanatyam guest performers. In addition to providing opportunities to work with exemplary artists in the field, Silambam also offers a variety of workshops and an expansive summer intensive program. One of Silambam’s unique contributions to the field of dance is the development of a library of mobile apps, called the B-Natyam series, that lay out the entire vocabulary of Bharatanatyam in a fun and interactive format.

Silambam Houston is currently working on a new slate of ambitious original performances, like the upcoming production “Maya: A Midsummer Night’s Dream,”  in which classical Indian theater reimagines a beloved Shakespearean comedy.

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