Frame Dance Productions


Frame Dances exists to help people in Houston and beyond discover the power of dance and movement to communicate, inspire, and connect to the world and others.  We believe community collaboration, artistic collaboration and technology are the secret ingredients of our craft today, and are completely necessary to expose contemporary dance to [...]

14 Pews


14 Pews is a multidisciplinary nonprofit, which is passionate about engaging and challenging our audiences through the visual arts, film and theater, while celebrating and promoting our city’s diversity. 14 Pews is an artist-run organization. Our 14 Pews Film Academy, which began in 2012, creates short documentaries highlighting Houston contemporary artists. The [...]

6 Degrees


Toni Leago Valle has a three-fold career.  As Artistic Director and choreographer for 6’, she combines writing, acting, and dance to create multi-sensual works that address current political and sociological issues.  Valle received a B.A. in Theatre, specializing in dance, from University of Houston in 2000.  Valle has received two Individual Artist [...]

Aimed Dance


Aimed Dance, originally founded as Rednerrus Feil Dance Company in 2006 by Artistic Director Amy Elizabeth, has been presenting work throughout the Greater Houston Area for over eleven years. Striving to produce performance art based on emotive life experiences, Aimed Dance has over 30 works in our repertory presented by the American [...]

Ashley Horn


Ashley Horn is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, costume designer, and artist from the Houston area. She has shown choreography and films at ACDF, The University of Houston, Big Range Dance Festival, The Texas Weekend of Contemporary Dance, Third Coast Dance on Film Festival, The Houston Fringe Festival, and Dance Month at the [...]